Spring is sprung!

Lambing season and Easter holidays are fast approaching. Enjoy some great family fun and make the most of our springtime offer. NOW ONLY £14.99 inc delivery

A fun and entertaining card game for grown-ups and kids who love sheepy things and a little sillyness!

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See it in action

How it works

Sheep Dip is quick to learn, easy to play and so much fun, games take less than 30 minutes, ending when the last EWE DO card has been played. The winner is the player with the highest score. Simple as that! Baaaaa!

The Flock Cards

There are 71 of them and the idea is to COLLECT and HOLD on to as many sheep as possible to score the most points and WIN!

The Flock pack also contains wild cards and crazy sheepdogs to help you win the game. Plus one very special rainbow card – hang on to it if you can!

The Ewe Do Cards

Use these action cards to PROTECT, SWAP and STEAL sheep in a race to WIN! Sell and buy on Market Days, add to your flock when anyone shouts SHEEP DIP! But don’t leave your gate open and beware of the Rustlers and Hungry Wolf, Howoool!

Check out the official rules for game play HERE

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