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What a fun game!

“This game created so much laughter that meant we were talking about our plays after the game had finished. It’s a sheep stealing game and the cards and gameplay ooze this theme.”

In Sheep Dip you collect flocks of sheep to achieve the most points. On your turn draw a Ewe do card and take the action. Actions can be draw more sheep cards, steal sheep cards from another player. You are trying to collect 5 of the same type of sheep and then protect your flock by turning it face down. At the end of the game add up the scores from your flocks and most points wins.  

You start off with a bunch of cards and each turn they will be stolen and moved about and discarded and you are desperately trying to hang onto the ones you need to make a flock. It’s chaos and hilarity and a bit mean but in the best way because nobody is singled out and it’s fast paced so you have something stolen then a min later you are the one doing the stealing. There are wild cards that can be substituted for missing sheep in your flock allowing you to protect a flock earlier. You can later swap these out for matching sheep in order to score more points putting the wild sheep back into your hand.

The game is so easy to learn and can pretty much be pulled out and played straight from the box the action cards are clear and the instructions easy to understand and there are great fun interactions like baaing when you get sheep and Howooling when the wolf comes out to steal some sheep. Then the sacred rainbow sheep appears, and all hell breaks loose. This sheep is worth 20 points at the end and cannot be flocked so it gets drawn and everyone is chasing it round the table and in our house that leads to bating, joking and laughter.

The art on the cards is all different and wonderfully drawn and all the sheep have different flavour text some more risky than others but all are so funny.  

👥 3-6 
⏰ 20-30 mins 
👩‍👦 7+ 
⚖️ Light 

Sheep Dip is a family game that is cheeky, funny and would be a great addition as a post Christmas dinner game that is engaging for both kids and adults. One that will get you laughing and talking for the whole evening.

Sue T
UK board and card game fan and aficionado!
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Delightful board game

“Sheep Dip is a delightful board game that we consider to be a perfect fit for those looking for something light, fun, and simple.”

It is much like a party game, but it still has quirks of actual board game . Although, I would like to point out that the game could benefit from a bit more control and strategy, I still find it to be a thoroughly enjoyable experience. The game’s lighthearted nature makes it a perfect filler game, as it provides a quick break from more complex games without sacrificing the fun factor. All in all, I believe that Sheep Dip is a game that is well worth trying out, especially if you’re looking for something that is light, simple, and fun.

All in all, I believe that Sheep Dip is a game that is well worth trying out, especially if you’re looking for something that is light, simple, and fun.

So, if you’re looking for a game to play with friends, family, or a group of people who are new to the world of board games, Sheep Dip is the perfect choice. You can get it from the official website.

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