How did the Sheep Dip game come about?

During the first Covid lockdown, Sheep Dip creator Steve Turton soon realised that thumb twiddling was not his forte. So, he decided to create a card game… about sheep!

The idea behind the game came about because he had been to see The Sheep Show at an event in Norfolk. He found the show hilarious and engaging so decided to create a game that involved collecting different breeds of sheep. After creating all the character cards, to make the game a bit informative, on the back of the playing board he added some background information about the four breeds featured in the game.

Once he had illustrated all the cards and the game was thoroughly tried and tested, Steve got in touch with Richard Savory from The Sheep Show and asked him if he would like to see the new card game he had created. Richard, a bit surprised but always open to new ideas, agreed to take a look and really liked what he saw. He was in no doubt there was some real synergy between the show and the game and liked the fact the game included the sheep performing in the show. Dougal, Sam, Harry and Belinda all appear in the game and they even feature on the front of the box too. 

Steve and Richard with their respective wives Julie and Helen are now business partners and their aim is to make Sheep Dip, created in Norfolk, the most popular sheep game in the world. 

Response to the game has been great and The Sheep Show audiences have been flocking to take a piece of the show home with them.